Reasons to Root Android

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I have root rights! What is behind this statement

Should I get root rights on Android or leave it as it is? Of course, this is a matter of personal preference, but there are a number of strong arguments both for and against. Consider the arguments in favor of getting root rights.

Freedom is one of the main human values. The desire to gain freedom is inherent in every person. Perhaps that is why the open Android operating system is so loved by the people. The software platform from Google is a huge scope for creativity, and it is in your power to take almost complete control over your smartphone. Only the user can decide how to equip an Android smartphone.

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In the case of a closed iOS, this will not work. Here, the developers decided everything for the users and offer to use what is already there. There are many things that the user cannot do, you have to limit yourself.

If you are aware of your uniqueness and want your mobile device to be the same, then you need root access on Android. Let's say right away that if your smartphone completely suits you and performs all the functions you need, then there is no need for shamanism. But if you need to pump functionality, and you are an advanced user, then root rights become a coveted acquisition for you. And today we will discuss the key benefits of this action.

Let's say right away that manufacturers are not particularly happy with the zeal of users to root smartphones. They try their best to keep them out of "where they don't belong", warning that this may void the warranty. And this can really happen if, in the process of juggling with the device software, something goes wrong.

The warranty conditions will be violated, the manufacturer does not understand what caused the breakdown - his jamb or your intrusion into the system when trying to get root rights on Android. True, it is possible to roll back to the factory firmware, but, alas, this does not always work. Therefore, there is a chance to ruin a smartphone under unfavorable circumstances.

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Also, users who have tasted the delights of root on Android should be aware that tampering with system files will make it impossible to auto-update the smartphone to the current version of the green robot. Therefore, if you really want to install a new iteration of Android, you will have to do it manually. Since you are positioning yourself as an advanced user and have received root rights, if you please, answer this title and be able to roll out a new version of the operating system.

But there are a number of reasons why you can risk and root your Android. Moreover, if the warranty for the device has already ended, then there is nothing to fear at all. However, we repeat again that you perform all actions at your own peril and risk. Sometimes self-confidence is not the best adviser. Perhaps all these manipulations will amuse someone, but the result is not very good. Sometimes one careless action is enough to turn the device into a "brick". And in this case, for an ordinary user, the only way to reanimate a smartphone is to go to a service center, but they will take money from him for this. Sometimes a lot.

What is root access

Let's start with theory. Root in the Linux environment is called accounts that have privileges regarding file access. They are also called superusers. The root user has access to system files, but most importantly, can modify them and save changes. You can install any programs, perform almost any action with your device. Of course, at your own peril and risk, but with the right approach, it's not scary and simple. There are many instructions on how to download root rights for specific smartphone models on the network. If you want to find, no problem.

There are three types of root rights:

  • Full-root - permanent access to the capabilities of the superuser;
  • Shell root, a "light" version of full, when you cannot change the / system folders;
  • Temporary root, a temporary option that will disappear as soon as the device is rebooted.

Another important point. Any experiments with root rights should be carried out using the native USB cable. It must be connected to the computer, bypassing any hubs. Remember that when using a non-native accessory, there is a risk that it will not cope with the task or will turn off at the most inopportune moment.

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Get rid of annoying software

One of the advantages of root rights is the ability to get rid of unnecessary software. The user gets full control over installed applications. Tired and annoying stock apps? Delete them and keep only the ones you need. It will also allow you to rationally use the amount of memory.

Of course, you can turn off the utilities in the settings, making sure they don't show up in the app drawer. There is also an option to hide utilities depending on the user interface or launcher. But in this case, they have not disappeared anywhere and still occupy memory. Getting root rights is the only way to permanently rid your smartphone of unwanted applications. And always remember that there is a Titanium BackUp program that can save the state of the phone according to a certain schedule and you can actually create a clone of your device.


Starting with Android 3.1, a built-in backup mechanism was introduced, hidden from the user. It can be used to make a backup. But if the smartphone has turned into a "brick" and does not start, a regular backup is useless. Save the recovery. But the last method requires root rights, as well as a special program. And here the Titanium BackUp utility mentioned above will help.

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Do not wait for updates from the manufacturer

It's no secret that many manufacturers are not particularly quick to update their current devices to the new version of Android. Not to mention the "oldies" who were written off and the support time has expired. And here enthusiasts who are working on transferring the latest iteration of the green robot to mobile phones can come to the rescue. Many of them are regulars on the XDA Developers forum. They create firmware for specific device models based on the latest version of Android and nothing prevents you from downloading them. The only negative is the lack of branded chips from the creators of the shells that they endow devices with the advent of a new version of the green robot. But if you care about such a trifle, then decide whether you really need root rights.

Custom Firmware

If you don't like Android in its original form, you can install custom ones that offer a whole range of improvements and unique features not available to the green robot. The capabilities of individual ROMs are breathtaking and take the user experience to a new level. Not infrequently, they are functional, rearrange the design on its head, lack standard Android applications, or are replaced by lighter analogues. They have nice little things and extras that turn the smartphone into a "universal soldier". And root rights will help to roll custom.


Advertising is often helpful. But there are cases when it causes rejection and looks intrusive. Its excess on smartphones is frankly annoying. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that many want to get rid of it. And here getting root rights on Android will help. In this case, the issue can be resolved quickly and radically. You will need a utility such as AdBlock, Adaway, AdFree or Lucky Patcher. It is enough to install the application, click the option to filter or block ads and reboot.


Among users of Android smartphones with root rights, overclocking of the processor was previously popular. True, today this option is not so in demand against the background of ever-increasing performance of chips. But still, there may be those who want to speed up the process and get a slightly more powerful device. Root rights on Android allow you to increase the frequency of the microprocessor, but this will automatically lead to increased battery consumption.

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Combine internal and external memory

Do you want to install a lot of applications on your smartphone, but you don't have enough memory? You have nothing to worry about if the phone supports microSD cards and you have rooted Android. All you have to do is insert a microSD card into your phone and combine internal and external storage with apps like GL to SD, Folder Mount, etc. Manufacturers now allow apps to be installed on SD cards. For this reason, it is necessary to insert an SD card and connect it to the internal memory using the possibilities provided by root rights.

Take control of all processes

Another reason to root is the wide range of settings and theme options. You can upgrade your smartphone and add many features to it. By installing third-party modules or extensions of special programs, you can do a lot of interesting things with the firmware.

There are other reasons that might be good enough to convince anyone to root their Android device. Our goal was to discuss some of the main and most popular benefits that come with rooting a smartphone or tablet.

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Совать пальцы в розетку - тоже свобода.
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Гарагуля Ирина 2
Ход твоих мыслей аналогичен и этой ассоциации: подтирать задницу пальцем тоже свобода. Поэтому каждый думает в меру своей глупости и тупости. В твоем случае для тебя свобода пальцы в розетку. Очень глупое сравнение и явно показывает твой уровень интеллектуального недоразвития
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... Данилыч -4
Еще при получении root-доступа вы почти наверняка лишаетесь гарантии на смартфон , кстати ваш телефон из-за рут прав становиться оооочень уязвим . Даже самый не значительный вирус может быть опасен для вашего карманного друга и это несмотряна то, что ваш телефон становиться легкой добычей для хакеров. А так для игр рут права найс ))))))
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Про взлом приложений и эмуляцию покупок не написали с этической точки зрения?))
На самом деле, причин вообще очень много. Не только те, что перечислены. Но это уже задротство. Хотя, а для кого вообще ROOT, если не для задротов?)))
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