Xiaomi Mi Band 7 promo image: more themes and colors

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The company continues to talk about the new fitness bracelet

Only a few days separate us from the announcement of Redmi Note 11T Pro and Xiaomi Mi Band 7. If there is some clarity with the characteristics of the smartphone, then here is what the new generation of fitness bracelet will offer, there is no full certainty. But the company reveals some details even before the release, and today it's time for another teaser.


So, Xiaomi decided to show what colors of straps can be purchased in a pair with Mi Band 7. We are promised at least six colors: black, white, blue, green, orange and pink. Also, the emphasis is on a variety of themes for the design of the main screen. Naturally, we were shown only a small part of the topics that the fitness bracelet will offer.


Xiaomi Mi Band 7 promo image: more themes and colors – фото 1


Recall that it is already known for sure that Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has a 1.62-inch screen, GPS, offers support for various workouts, will allow you to track physical activity and health, including determining the level of oxygen in the blood.


Rumor has it that Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will be released in two versions, differing in the absence or presence of NFC. There is a chance that in most markets the fitness bracelet will be available with a contactless payment module.


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Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 21.05.2022


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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 promo image: more themes and colors