Realme GT Neo 3: unboxing and first look

06.05.2022 9209 6

We tear off the film

Today, a brand new Realme GT Neo 3 fell into our hands. The first thing we decided to do was shoot an unboxing video . Already today you can see what the packaging of a smartphone looks like and what is inside it. This process is quite entertaining and it is always interesting to see with your own eyes what awaits the buyer inside.


Realme GT Neo 3: unboxing and first look – фото 1


And while you are watching the unboxing, we have already begun to explore the features of realme GT Neo 3. Soon we will show and tell everything. We invite you to join the upcoming review. You can ask your questions and tell in the comments what you want to know about the smartphone and what comparisons to make with the same Realme GT Neo 2 or another classmate.


Enjoy watching and looking forward to your feedback! Peace and good luck to all!

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 06.05.2022


Total comments: 6
Роман 2
А прошивка містить українську мову?
09.05.2022 12:03
егор -2
немає української
11.05.2022 14:28
Руслан 8
ждём тест автономности конечно же с результатами в таблицу и хотелось бы сравнить с redmi k50 и one plus 10R
08.05.2022 08:50
Omg_jessus -29
Можете новини публіковать на українській мові ?
07.05.2022 23:42
valikas 8
Есть украиноязычная версия сайта. Вверху на панели с именами брендов есть переключатель на укр, рус, или англ.языки
08.05.2022 10:24
Den Snig -24
Дякую за контент та україномовну версію сайту. Читати одна насолода. Ви кращі!
06.05.2022 19:57


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Realme GT Neo 3: unboxing and first look