Black Friday sale on AliExpress: a guide to maximum savings

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Another huge Black Friday sale on AliExpress is coming! This is a great opportunity to buy anything with up to 90% off. On this page, we'll tell you how to save as much as possible on this sale.

When will Black Friday 2023 take place

The sale on AliExpress starts at 23:11, but the preparatory stage has already started on 20.11, that is, today. At this time, it is important not to yawn and try to grab all kinds of buns. You should not start looking for interesting products in the middle of a sale: there is a high risk of not having time and missing out on exclusive offers. It is recommended to add the desired products to the cart in advance, and to place the order quickly at the start of the sale.

The discount days will continue from November 23 to November 30, but the hottest discounts are usually on the first days of the sale, so I don't recommend delaying. But you can add coupons and other things to the list right now:

  • Preparatory stage (warm-up): from November 20, 10:00 a.m. to November 23, 9:59 a.m. (GMT +2, Kyiv).
  • Sale: from November 23 at 10:00 a.m. to November 30 at 9:59 a.m. (GMT +2, Kyiv).

During the warm-up, you need to add products to the cart, play games to get coins, collect various promo codes and coupons. And after the start of the sale itself, we use all the buns that we managed to accumulate and place the order.

What are coupons and how to use them

Most of the discounts are possible thanks to coupons. They are not added automatically: you have to find and apply them yourself. You can search for coupons:

There are three types of coupons:

1. Red - apply to all stores and goods. They are issued by the AliExpress platform itself, without being tied to a specific seller.
2. Yellow - valid only in specific stores. They are issued by the seller himself.
3. Red and white are special coupons that apply only to certain products. Special coupons can be summed up, thanks to which the discount will turn out to be quite solid. One special coupon always goes for $2. The product page will indicate if a special coupon can be applied to it.

To get coupons, you need to go to the Coupon Center:

  • Limited AliExpress coupons will be available starting today. The coupon is for $5 on orders up to $10. The number is limited, so watch the timers and hit the "Get" button in time. Some coupons will be restricted: for example, only for new users or for certain countries. All this information is indicated on a specific coupon.

  • Also look for coupons from the seller in the Coupon Center. There is a list of stores that provide coupons. The coupon amount from one seller usually does not exceed $1-$3. We advise you to collect as many of these coupons as possible in advance. Please note that coupons cannot be combined in one store.

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To view your coupons, open the mobile application and go to "My Profile". Click on the "Coupons" tab. All coupons available to you will be displayed here.

It will be possible to apply coupons only on 11.11. When placing an order, you will see a separate window where you need to add a coupon. Please note that if you have already received a red coupon from AliExpress, you cannot additionally use promotional codes. Only yellow coupons issued by sellers are compatible with promotional codes.

What are the coins for?

And, of course, no sale is complete without jingle coins, which are then exchanged for coupons. You can get such coins again in the game called "Magic Garden". Take care of the garden, water the plants, destroy the pests, and you will receive coins. More coins are accrued during daily login to the game: you need to log in for 7 days, and then you will receive a prize.

The game "Guess the card" also allows you to earn coins. Turn over any two cards and possibly receive additional coins or coupons. One game session costs 5 coins. There is a risk of losing and getting nothing.

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Coins give a discount on certain goods - from 4% to 35% (not on all). So, by collecting coins, you can save a lot of money if you buy a lot.

Where to get promo codes

Another cool thing for saving money is using promotional codes . We all know that this is a combination of numbers and letters that is entered in a special window when placing an order. A promo code always costs a certain amount. For example, a promo code allows you to save $50 on a $300 purchase. Promo codes are combined with yellow coupons from sellers. But it is not possible to sum up the promotional code and the red coupon from AliExpress.

On the eve of the sale, we will definitely publish profitable promotional codes, some of them are already available on our page about the sale

You need to enter promotional codes only before placing the order, and therefore - no earlier than November 23 at 10:00 Kyiv time. Let's not forget that the number of promo codes and coupons is limited, so don't delay your purchase. As soon as the sale starts - place your order.

We will finish with this. We hope that the article was useful. The material may be supplemented as new information about the sale is released.

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