Runbo F1: video review of the unkillable flagship

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We have already talked about such a Chinese miracle as Runbo F1 . The turn has come not only to verbally present this flagship of the segment of secure devices, but also to see it with your own eyes. When creating our video review, we approached the gadget not only as an indestructible massive monoblock, but also from a smartphone point of view, evaluating its functionality and performance.


Yes, outwardly it will look rather ridiculous in urban conditions, highlighting the owner against the background of traditional fragile and thin smartphones. With our hero, you can chop wood, go hiking and climb mountains. We did not see a miracle in the filling, but the evolution is noticeable and this indestructible gadget will even give odds to many budget devices on the market. Runbo F1 solves tasks quickly and you can’t even find fault with the heating of the MT652.

In general, the smartphone turned out to be the most thoughtful and impeccably assembled. 5.5-inch FullHD-screen, productive hardware, 13MP main camera, Android 4.4. with the ability to update "over the air", excellent external speaker and sound in headphones. A modest set of sensors and sensors, as well as a 5000 mAh non-removable battery, marred the impression a little. And also the price. But is this smartphone worth the money? Everyone must answer this question for himself.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 24.10.2015


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Приобрел на sealsshop Runbo f1. отличная модель. ни скока не пожалел о покупке. Из недостатков: Хм, наверное кнопка блокировки очень чувствительна. Ну и конечно его размер, всегда задаешься вопросом, где его таскать. Если просто в кармане, не вариант. очень быстрый телефон. глюков не замечено все работает на ура, что очень радует. за 12 часов просмотров фильмов и прослушивания музыки через интернет 4G, то аккумулятор в районе 60%. шоке а экран тоже отличный
11.03.2018 18:15


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Runbo F1: video review of the unkillable flagship