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We present you instructions on how to hide unnecessary applications on Xiaomi.

Probably no one will deny that Xiaomi has come to its resounding success largely thanks to its own MIUI firmware. This add-on to pure Android from the very first day of its existence gave Xiaomi not only individuality, but also a noticeable advantage over competitors, offering a bunch of additional features for finer customization. For example, besides "cloning" any app, you also have the option to hide that app on Xiaomi.


Over time, MIUI became even more convenient and beautiful, and many of the features shown in new versions of MIUI (for example, MIUI 12) eventually went "to the people" and appeared not only in the graphical interfaces of other companies, but even in pure Android. However, despite the popularity of the firmware, many of its features are still not known to everyone.

Today we will analyze with you how you can “hide” applications on the desktop of any Xiaomi and understand for whom and for what it may be necessary to “clean” the desktop.

MIUI 12 Xiaomi

The most obvious reason for “cleaning up” the desktop of your Xiaomi (Xiomi) smartphone is perhaps the banal cleaning of everything superfluous. This is especially true for MIUI, which by default has enabled the display of absolutely all applications at once on the desktop, and not in a convenient list, which in pure Android is called by a bottom-up swipe.

Of course, now MIUI 12 also offers such an option to save free space on the working area of your smartphone, but many people find it convenient to have everything at hand. If you want to keep the standard display of icons, but want to put the smartphone desktop in order a bit, then we advise you to first simply remove the applications and games you don’t need - believe me, it will become easier not only for you, but also for your device.

Cleanliness and tidiness

However, what to do with applications that do not want to be deleted? For example, many built-in programs from Xiaomi (Xiomi) cannot be simply deleted. It is for this case that Xiaomi built the ability to “hide” unnecessary applications into their firmware. Yes, you understood correctly - you still won’t be able to delete many applications without rooting, but you can achieve the desired (that is, neat) appearance of your smartphone’s desktop.

The second most popular reason for hiding some icons is the need to protect your personal data from third parties. There are different situations in life - for example, you do not want someone to know about your use of an application. Without deleting it, you can hide its presence on your desktop - this can also be done thanks to the flexible customization of Xiaomi.

By the way, another reason for hiding icons follows from the previous paragraph - confidentiality. Everything is simple here - if someone takes possession of your smartphone and starts frantically looking for a bank client or an application of any social network, then their absence may confuse him.

So how do you make unnecessary (or, on the contrary, very necessary) applications hidden?

Let's start with the fact that you need to go to the Settings of your Xiaomi. Next, go to the "Application Protection" item. If you already have a password (for example, tied to a fingerprint scanner), then you just need to enter it, if not, then the smartphone will ask you to come up with a password: it can be either a regular pin, or a pattern, or a complex password consisting from different letters and numbers. After confirming the password, the smartphone will ask you to link your Mi account in order to be able to reset the password if you suddenly forget it. If you do not need this option or if you do not want to create a Mi account, then you can safely skip this step.

MIUI 12 Защита приложенийКсиоми Защита приложений

After you fulfill all the “requests” of the system, the Application Protection menu will open. In it, in addition to protecting any application with a password, you can also hide its presence from the desktop. To do this, you will need to click on the "gear" in the upper right corner of this menu, after which you will enter the settings, where you can select the "Application management" item. After that, a list of all applications available for hiding will appear - here you can configure everything the way you need.

In order to see hidden icons without removing protection from them, you need to do the following: on the main screen, you will need to perform a gesture with your fingers, as if you were zooming in on an image in the gallery - they will need to be moved apart at the same time. After that, a window will appear with hidden applications that can be opened only after you enter the password you have created.

New space for the most needed programs

As a bonus, we remind you that MIUI 12 has the ability to create a "Second Space" - a completely blank desktop where you can place all the apps you use most often. To create a “Second Space”, you need to go to the Device Settings, tap on the “System and Device” menu, in which the very “Second Space” will be located. Keep in mind - after creating a new desktop, you will need to come up with a new password for it.

MIUI второе пространство

Here are some simple ways you can not only clean the desktop of your device from unnecessary applications, but also protect the most important applications from unauthorized persons.

Author: Егор Лебедев Publication date: 16.02.2021
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статья дерьмище
21.11.2023 14:37
Максим 1
Сяоми!!! Не Ксиоми!
27.01.2023 00:04
Александр 9
Нет такого. (((
02.06.2022 22:44
Ну у меня было , а поле обновления прошивки на 12 с копейками , то ее уже нет , осталось только защита приложений а скрытие разработчики вырезали . Как всегда эти недоконторы решают за нас чем пользоваться а чем нет . Я откатился на старую прошивку
01.07.2022 10:28
Некто -2
Все понятно и просто,заходишь в настройки "защита приложений" после заходишь в скрытие приложений и все выбираешь приложения,сначало тоже не понял а после входа по инструкции все понял
21.07.2022 14:04
Некто -1
Все понятно и просто,заходишь в настройки "защита приложений" после заходишь в скрытие приложений и все выбираешь приложения,сначало тоже не понял а после входа по инструкции все понял
21.07.2022 14:04
Андрей -1
Все есть, у меня тоже версия 12, заместь шестерёнки, меню скрытия находится сверху, для того чтоб перейти нужно нажать на верху или свайпнуть в лево и всё)
02.10.2022 16:07
Меда В -5
даа бляя тоже новость,
17.02.2021 04:18
Меда В -6
даа бляя тоже новость,
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Не "ксиоми", а "сяоми". Аффтар, учи албанский!!! Лучше выпей яду)
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