Smartphone Bluboo Xtouch - new this fall

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According to experts, the new smartphone should take one of the leading positions in the Chinese 5-inch gadget market due to its technical characteristics. "Appearance" is not too bright - the display is unremarkable, but the very stylish panel of the phone will not go unnoticed. A 3D printer was used to print it. This solution has already been used before, but in this gadget it looks quite decent - overflows go to the back side. Protective glass Gorilla Glass, stylish interface - at the bottom there is a mechanical button with automatic fingerprint detection and two touch buttons. Above and below there is a speaker and a couple of sensors, as well as a 13 MP camera. The frame of the phone is metal. The back cover is not removable. The phone weighs about 150 grams, thickness is 7.5 mm.


The manufacturer's kit is standard, you should not expect anything special. The only way out is to take advantage of a special offer from stores that provide customers with small surprises - a film or a case. However, this is an exception. When ordering a phone, purchase accessories for it - a stylish case or a protective glass. The smartphone is dual-symbol, has the function of supporting the 4G network. IPS matrix allows you to create good viewing angles. Manufacturers applied an oleophobic coating to the touch, thanks to which the sliding of the finger is quite easy. Interesting "chips" of this phone are wireless updates, as well as various smart functions. Of the shortcomings - the rapid heating of the battery during active use, as well as failures in the "fingerprint scanning" option, as well as a discrepancy between some of the declared characteristics.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 15.11.2015


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Smartphone Bluboo Xtouch - new this fall