Snapdragon 820 officially unveiled

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What has been talked about for so long has happened - the Snapdragon 820 is presented. The announcement was expected, but its date was a complete surprise. Now everyone will be interested in whether the words of the CEO of Qualcomm that the top processor is not subject to overheating come true. But this is ahead, and we will consider the features of the “monster” of performance.


Specifications Snapdragon 820

The processor is built on a 64-bit architecture with 4 Kryo cores with a maximum frequency of 2.2 GHz. The chipset is based on a 14nm process technology. Implemented support for LTE Cat.12, where the download speed reaches 600 Mbps, and upload 150 Mbps. In addition, the processor received an LTE X12 modem, which made it possible to achieve high download and upload speeds. Added improvements and Wi-Fi, which now supports tri-band operation.


Adreno 530 acts as a video accelerator, which is 40% more productive than its predecessor Adreno 430. Other important features of Snapdragon 820 include support for LPDDR4, a fingerprint scanner, SafeSwitch anti-theft protection and StudioAccess content access security, support for cameras with a resolution of up to 28MP, quick charge function Quick Charge 3.0 and support for 4K Ultra video.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 11.11.2015


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Snapdragon 820 officially unveiled