List of the most popular 5G Android smartphones

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The middle class model has become the leader

Analytical agency Counterpoint published data on the most popular smartphones in February. It includes only Android models in the global market that offer support for fifth-generation networks. The list includes devices from Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.


Half of the top 10 and the first four positions were occupied by models from Samsung. The Galaxy A52s 5G was recognized as the leader with 2.9% of the market share. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S21 FE, and Galaxy A32 are in second to fourth place, with the Galaxy A22 rounding out the top ten. In total, the share of devices of the South Korean giant accounted for 11.93%.


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Two Honor models were able to break into the top ten most popular: Honor 60 and Honor X30. Oppo Reno7 5G China, Vivo S12 and Redmi K40 took one place each, where the first model can be awarded the title of the most popular 5G smartphone from China.


In total, all participants in the ranking table took 20% of the market for devices with support for fifth-generation networks in February this year. If we talk about the entire global market for 5G smartphones, then the models with a green robot accounted for 67%.


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Source: telecomtalk

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 30.04.2022


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Виктор 0
Из всего перечисленного я бы взял Reno7. Много обзоров смотрел, огонь аппарат
13.05.2022 00:00
Ярик 0
Как по мне время самсунгов прошло уже давно. Неадекватность ценника, в сравнении с тем же OPPO, который делает аппараты на порядок лучше по характеристикам, тянет их вниз. Поэтому что то мне доверия этот рейтинг не внушает
11.05.2022 21:30


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List of the most popular 5G Android smartphones