Top 5 best smartphones under $200 for September 2016

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As we promised earlier, we present to your attention the 5 best smartphones in the most popular price segment among our subscribers - up to $200 (up to 5500 UAH or up to 12500 rubles). And since we are talking about Chinese-made gadgets, when compiling the rating, we also took into account the prices offered by international retailers of the site.

Remark: of course, the prices for the same devices in stores in your city can and will differ upwards. Therefore, if you still do not know how to make a purchase on, write to us about it in the comments to this article, and we will prepare a special video with step-by-step instructions for you.

5th place

Meizu M3Redmi Note 4

So, on the 5th place in our rating, the editorial team immediately put 2 smartphones from two different, but almost the most popular Chinese manufacturers in the post-Soviet space - Meizu and Xiaomi. We are talking about Meizu M3 Note and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 .

Despite the fact that the M3 Note has been on the market for several months and the Redmi Note 4 has only just appeared, they have a lot in common: excellent design, solid battery capacity (4100 mAh for both) and high interest from our readers. At the same time, although they received different processors, neither one nor the other is a gaming smartphone. In other words, strong middling phones for everyday use, which you will get confirmation by looking at our reviews of these models on our Youtube channel (Meizu M3 Note review - link , Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 review - link ).

Meizu M3 Note in the 2/16 GB modification can already be purchased on for $134 (Eternal Team ), and on for $130 ( link ), while in modification 3 /32 - from $165 on Aliexpress (Eternal Team and from $160 on ( link ).

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in 2/16 GB modification on is available from $159 (X Show, Fantacy , and in Prime version (3 /64 GB) – from $200 (Fantacy

4th place

Vernee Apollo Lite

Unexpectedly for us, the Vernee Apollo Lite smartphone turned out to be on the 4th place in our rating, and this is due to the fact that recently it can be purchased for $199.99. Although the reason to consider this device for our top 5 was the combination of decent stuffing (Helio X20 in its uncut version, IGZO display, 4 GB of RAM, 16 MP camera from Samsung and USB Type-C with support for Pump Express 3.0 fast charging) and solid software with good support from the manufacturer (Android 6.0 Marshmallow).

Where to buy a Vernee Apollo Lite smartphone for $199.99, we wrote here . By the way, on the official website of Vernee, a pre-order for the Mars model for the same $199.99 (with coupon) has opened, which should also be quite interesting: Helio P10, 4 GB of RAM, a camera with a Sony IMX258 sensor (like Meizu M3E and Xiaomi Redmi Pro), a fingerprint scanner on the side (similar to the Sony Xperia and Ulefone Future devices), as well as a screen with narrow bezels and an iPhone 7-style design.

PS: We do not advertise Vernee in the framework of this article, but the products of this manufacturer are definitely worth paying attention to.

3rd place

Xiaomi Mi Max

At this step of our rating, the 6.44-inch giant from Xiaomi has again settled. The M i Max has already made it into our sub-$300 smartphone rankings, but in two of its mid-range configurations. And we are happy to welcome this model in a more affordable segment.

Judge for yourself, even despite the configuration of 2/16 GB, the Xiaomi Mi Max tablet is incredibly attractive to fans of large diagonals thanks to the Snapdragon 650 processor and a 4850 mAh battery. 2 GB of RAM is enough for everyday tasks, and the lack of internal memory of the smartphone can be compensated using Micro-SD memory cards.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2/16 GB modification can be purchased on for only $170 (Eternal Team store . And you can watch a review of this gadget on our Youtube channel by clicking on this link .

2nd place

Meizu M3ELeEco Cool1

Two smartphones became the vice leaders of our rating, and again because we could not choose the most worthy candidate from them. Both devices were presented quite recently, but they have already proven themselves in tests and reviews, causing exorbitant interest from our readers. So, meet Meizu M1E , also known as M3E or Blue Charm E, and Cool1 co-produced by LeEco and Coolpad.

We have already talked about the LeEco & Coolpad Cool1 smartphone (a review of this model will be released any day), and the new product from Meizu was undeservedly bypassed. In short, the Meizu M1E is an evolution of the M3 Note in a more premium body and with an improved main camera. And although the M1E has lost some weight in terms of battery capacity and was originally intended only for the Chinese market, its autonomy is quite enough for a full work day, and the version for the international market (Meizu M3E) is rumored to appear very soon.

Cool1 in the 3/32 GB modification can be purchased on for only $180 (Sky-Way store, which, taking into account its filling (Snapdragon 650, 4060 mAh battery, excellent dual camera ) can be considered almost the best offer on the market. And the only thing that did not let this new product take the 1st place in our rating is the lack of international firmware at the moment.

Meizu M1E (M3E) exists only in a 3/32 GB configuration, and you can buy it on for $185 without shipping ($5 to Ukraine, free to Russia - Eternal Team or $188 with free shipping (CBT HK LTB .

1 place

Redmi Note 3 Pro

And finally (drumroll), meet the leader of our rating of smartphones in the middle price segment (under $200) - the Xiaomi Redmi N ote 3 Pro smartphone!

We think there is no need to talk in detail about all the advantages of this popular Xiaomi model (see smartphone review here ), since readers and subscribers ask about it most of all in the discussions of our Vkontakte network group. Today, Redmi Note 3 Pro is one of Xiaomi's best-selling smartphones (for 2016), and if you haven't watched our review of this gadget yet, you can fill this gap by clicking on this link.

Redmi Note 3 Pro in the 2/16 GB modification can be purchased on for $134 in any color (HK Dreami store , while the Prime version in the 3/32 configuration starts at $165 ( HK Dreami .

Dear readers, once again we want to note that this rating was compiled according to the opinion of the team and taking into account your feedback and comments in our Vkontakte group. If you do not agree with the placement of places in this rating, write your options to us in the comments to this article, and we will definitely take them into account when compiling the next ratings.

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