UMI Hammer S: video review of an ambiguous smartphone not without personality

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Being original is hard, especially these days when there's a strong sense that technology in smartphones has reached its peak. Stores are literally littered with smartphones, according to the principle of "not much of everything." Whether UMI Hammer S was able to break out of this layer, we will see in our video review.


In the corporate hierarchy of UMI Hammer S devices, the role of a strong middle peasant is assigned, but not without a “zest” in the form of a USB Type-C port. But we know that it is not uncommon when the emphasis is on one chip, but everything else is a set of compromises or forced measures to save money. The smartphone looks attractive and dignified, which is largely due to high-quality materials and assembly. The use of 2.5D glass is aimed at grip comfort, so our plump 8.5mm smartphone feels good in the hand.


From the pleasant - a good balance of price and features, good performance, sensitive and fast fingerprint scanner, support for LTE networks, as well as infrared, Hotknot and responsive interface. At the same time, the gadget is too big, not everyone will like the HD resolution at 5.5 inches, yes, and with the battery capacity, not everything is as stated by the manufacturer. Let's figure out what is more pluses or minuses.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 05.11.2015


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UMI Hammer S: video review of an ambiguous smartphone not without personality