Umi Rome: video review of a hyped budget class device

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Umi Rome has already offered an interesting combination of features and price with its announcement. Only $110 and at your disposal is a version of the device with a powerful processor and AMOLED display. At the same time, the gadget is somewhat large, not everyone will like the HD resolution, and the two-point multi-touch requires getting used to, and this drawback clearly affects games. But at the same time, the price is noticeably lower than the famous analogues, and we decided to find out if Umi Rome is worth the money.

The most pleasant thing in the whole story is that the manufacturer kept the price within reasonable limits and it is adequate to its capabilities. Excellent assembly, decent performance and pleasant sound in headphones can be safely added to the asset of this smartphone. In principle, this should have been enough to position the smartphone as affordable and functional. But the manufacturer announced the presence of an AMOLED screen, and it turned out that in reality we do not observe this matrix. The display is not bad, but somehow the cunning Chinese again wishful thinking. They cheated with the capacity of the battery, and the autonomy of the device leaves much to be desired. And to take a closer look at the novelty and find out what other impressions the smartphone left, we suggest watching the video.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 30.12.2015


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А то что в нём есть функция скриншота тремя пальцами, при том, что multi touch test показывает 2 точки вас не смущает?
Возможно с обновлениями допилят мультитач! Как думаете?
11.01.2016 00:02
Игорь 0
как думаете, обновления по воздуху смогут в будущем исправить ситуацию с автономностью работы? уж очень портит всё плохая автономность работы в этом смартфоне! окончательно убивает все впечатления! Umi Rome разве что убийца сам себя!
30.12.2015 19:30


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Umi Rome: video review of a hyped budget class device