UMi Super review: impressive success or another failure?

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Now the market is calm and the main flagships are already presented. Under these conditions, we continue to look at what could have been missed in the hustle and bustle. Today it is UMi Super , which is actually also a flagship, but from the UMi brand, which still has a lot to do to be associated with a manufacturer of good devices.

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In fact, the smartphone turned out to be quite a weighty and massive candy bar. The newcomer does not look very good, I tell you. Against its background, competitors look more sophisticated, lighter and more elegant. One of the main advantages of the smartphone is a 5.5-inch display from Sharp. LTPS matrix, viewing angles, contrast and color reproduction are good. Performance is at the mercy of Helio P10 and 4 GB of RAM. As you would expect from a MediaTek chip, demanding games run at maximum settings, but with anguish. The speaker did not become an advantage of UMi Super, and here it is completely deprived of the purity and breadth of sound, although it does not hold volume. UMi boasted a nimble fingerprint scanner and cameras that received matrices from Panasonic and Samsung. The biometric sensor can not be called fast, it is frankly thoughtful. The pictures are more or less high-quality, but they cannot stand comparisons with the flagships.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 09.06.2016


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UMi Super review: impressive success or another failure?