UMi Touch: video (unboxing) of a controversial product

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At the end of last year, UMI held a promising campaign to create the perfect smartphone. More precisely, she invited users to comment on what characteristics they would like to see in a smartphone. The output was supposed to be a "people's" smartphone. As a result, we got a mixture of old hardware and Meizu style in a not very good performance from UMI .

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Based on the results of our preliminary review, we came to the conclusion that there is no freebie even in the case of generous Chinese startups. The metal body is really nice, but it is borrowed from Meizu and the build quality of the smartphone is far from ideal. The display is good and there is an oleophobic coating. There is a loud speaker, albeit with a not very clear sound. Perhaps, at the moment, these are the only parameters that have not caused us serious complaints. But the “deeper” you study the smartphone, the more the “avalanche” of problems covers you. Contrary to common sense, during the first experience of interacting with a fingerprint scanner, it turned out that it would not be possible to protect user data using a sensor. Only after installing the update, the sensor showed signs of life. These and other details in the video.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 06.04.2016


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UMi Touch: video (unboxing) of a controversial product