This smartphone should come with a refrigerator

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Leader in hotness of the "heart"

Black Shark is a series of Xiaomi gaming smartphones as a challenge to competitors from the field of mobile gaming. Devices are trying to complete the maximum with current technologies and chips inherent in gaming mobile phones. All this "stuffing" can be found in Black Shark 4 Pro. Has everything been done right here, and has the company made miscalculations that neutralize all the advantages of a smartphone?

To reinforce the idea in a potential user that he has a gaming smartphone in front of him, they offered a large AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a touch refresh rate of up to 720 Hz to “take out” opponents in any games.

The Black Shark 4 Pro also has mechanical triggers on the right side. They are comfortable to use during gameplay, but in everyday use there are problems with spontaneous extension, for example, when trying to put a smartphone in a narrow jeans pocket. What else do you need for a gaming smartphone? Loud and high quality stereo speakers. And they are here. The sound quality is top notch.

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But what it would not hurt the company to work on is in terms of the autonomy of the Black Shark 4 Pro. The battery charge is melting before our eyes, and not only with the active use of the smartphone, but also at rest. As a compromise, the company offered to charge the battery at 120 watts. Just 15 minutes and the percentage of charge will increase by 85%.

It is logical that the top-end Snapdragon 888 chip was installed inside the Black Shark 4 Pro, which leaves no chance for competitors in terms of performance. There is no game that would not "go" on this smartphone. Does he get warm? Yes, it gets hot and hellish. With a high processor load, the temperature reaches about 67 degrees and this is an anti-record. Even the cooling system does not help here, the heating is felt at the fingertips and is very noticeable. But you get maximum FPS and no lags, there is practically no drop in frames.

The Black Shark 4 Pro is arguably the worst gaming smartphone we've tested. It is well equipped technically, but very specific in terms of firmware and has the weakest cooling system among other brothers. Once again, we have to blame the hot temper of the top chip from Qualcomm and the lack of attention to detail, which ultimately form the overall impression of the smartphone. It cannot be recommended for purchase. More details - on the video.

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 20.02.2022


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This smartphone should come with a refrigerator