Thing. Table for charging 19 devices from Xiaomi

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But this is just a prototype.

There are more and more devices on the market that support fast charging. To charge the same smartphones, you need to buy a separate special stand, but a number of companies have gone further and started integrating Qi wireless charging into tables, countertops and other furniture. So, back in 2019, Xiaomi introduced a table with support for wireless charging.


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What do you need to start charging? Just put your smartphone on top of the table. True, for this it was necessary to place it in the area where the coil for wireless charging is located. Now the company has gone further and offered a table where wireless charging is served almost on the entire surface of the table.


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Xiaomi showed a table that allows you to charge at least 19 devices at the same time. That's how many charging coils are built into it. The table for wireless charging provides charging up to 20 W per device, but on condition that no more than 3 gadgets are charged at the same time. From smartphones to tablets, headphones or even smart toothbrushes, as long as the device supports the Qi wireless charging standard, it's possible to "refuel" anything on the table, according to Xiaomi. Whether the company plans to start producing such tables, there is no information. At the moment, she only showed a prototype.


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Thing. Table for charging 19 devices from Xiaomi