Huawei Band 6 video review: why do you need Xiaomi Mi Band 6?

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Despite the coronavirus, the crisis and sanctions, the Chinese company Huawei continues to produce electronics. The range of wrist fitness bracelets has been replenished with Huawei Band 6. In general, this is a quality product of the company with all the possible attributes of a wearable device: a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen measurement, workout selection, sleep tracking, and so on. We decided to check what Huawei Band 6 is capable of and whether it has something to boast of against the background of Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

The first thing that catches your eye is that the screen here is larger than what we are used to seeing in fitness bracelets. In general, it seems that this is not a Band, but a representative of the smart watch family. The bracelet itself is silicone and relatively soft. Huawei Band 6 is easy to attach to the hands, they do not press and feel quite comfortable on the wrist.

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Huawei Band 6 works with the Huawei Health app, which is available in the App Gallery. Therefore, in order to have a sense of working with a bracelet, you will have to install the company's proprietary application store and download the utility from there. There are 96 workouts “hardwired” inside the device and this is much more than you might need in real life. But finding them will not be easy at first sight. Eleven of them catch your eye right away, and in order to “pull out” the others, you will have to click on the “Widgets” button in the “Workouts” section and look for the ones you need there.

In addition to tracking physical activity, measuring the level of oxygen in the blood and other "stray", through Huawei Band 6 you can control music and take photos on your smartphone. You can change the dials, but their number is small and in this regard, the gadget is clearly inferior to a number of competitors.

The bracelet is charged using magnetic charging at a power of 10 W, but its execution and the mounting magnets themselves do not look perfect. But autonomy is beyond praise, Huawei Band 6 lives without problems for ten days. But is the fitness bracelet worth the money and can it be considered as a smart companion on the wrist, find out from the video.

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Huawei Band 6 video review: why do you need Xiaomi Mi Band 6?