Xiaomi MiPad 2 video review: stylish, light and thin

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There are few innovations in the second generation of the Xiaomi MiPad 2 tablet, but they all allow you to take a fresh look at what a modern and affordable Xiaomi tablet is like. A powerful 4-core processor, premium materials, a good rear camera and a proprietary MIUI 7 shell based on Android 5.1. Here is a small list of what the user receives with the purchase of this tablet.

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The first generation MiPad was originally aimed at the domestic market, but this did not stop it from becoming a desirable acquisition for users around the world. Now its second reincarnation has come to us, which has visually changed, pulled itself up and put on a stylish case. The MiPad 2 is similar in many ways to its predecessor: the same amount of RAM, a screen with the same parameters, similar cameras. At the same time, the battery capacity was reduced, and the tablet lost its memory card slot. It seems that the main focus of the manufacturer is on the appearance of new items, and not on its content. In order to keep the price tag for the tablet within the boundaries of available devices, we had to make compromises in the characteristics. Although it should be noted that the design of the newcomer is clearly a success. All the details of our first impressions of the MiPad 2 in the video.

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Xiaomi MiPad 2 video review: stylish, light and thin