Xiaomi makes MIUI Go, Apple offended Russia and Samsung will recycle

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If you are looking for the latest news from the world of technology - what new products are presented, what are at a low start before the announcement, what are the leaks and rumors about them, as well as what events have happened or will happen in the market - we offer you a fresh news digest. We have selected only the most interesting news for you.

April is not happy with some grandiose events and interesting novelties. A few memorable moments and nothing more. So, Vivo made a big presentation in China, where it introduced a competitor to Xiaomi Pad 5 in the face of Vivo Pad, showed its first foldable smartphone Vivo X Fold and brought the premium camera phone Vivo X Note to the market. To be honest, the novelty does not stand out from all foldable devices, and the price tag of the flagship is so high that it makes you pass by this model.

Meanwhile, due to limited access to advanced components, Huawei is returning to those solutions that it is time to send to the scrap. So, the company is preparing to release Huawei Mare 50 Pro, which will be powerful in terms of cameras and wretched in terms of design, where everything spoils the unibrow a la iPhone.

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Samsung, on the other hand, managed to patent a strange and impractical device with a transparent retractable screen. But a more rational solution is to switch to repairing devices using components made from recycled materials. As a result, the cost of repairs will be halved and there is less harm to the environment. It remains only not to let us down with the quality of such spare parts.

OnePlus, led by the firm hand of Oppo, is turning into a copycat company and a pipeline. She will release Realme GT Neo 3 under her brand and will do it twice: OnePlus Ace and OnePlus 10R. Whereas Realme is preparing a rather curious Realme Q5, which will offer a Snapdragon 870 chip, a 5000 mAh battery and 80 W fast charging.

Apple, on the other hand, is facing prosecution in Russia. Enthusiasts, dissatisfied with the cessation of supplies and sales of technology, as well as restrictions on Apple Pay, decided to call the company to account. Soaring in the vastness of Russia is the idea to force companies to sell smartphones in this country with a pre-installed Russian application store. How Apple will react to this is quite predictable. She did and is doing everything so that the App Store remains a monopoly. In this situation, Apple may well leave the Russian market, and not suspend work on it.

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Among the latest developments of Cupertino: a 35W charger with two USB C ports and the appearance of satellite communication support in the Apple Watch in case you need to send a distress signal.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, hit experiments in the field of creating a state employee. We are talking about the POCO C40, which a poor chip from a Chinese company will offer and will work on MIUI Go, a stripped-down version of MIUI. The company also plans to release a smartphone with support for 150-watt charging and bring the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition outside of China under the name POCO F4 GT.

And today, under the heading “some kind of game”, we recommend that you find out what an “amazing” idea came to one of the people’s deputies in Russia about the fate of YouTube, why Nokia left the Russian market, and why the fate of lithium-ion batteries in Bolivia depends on Russia. Enjoy watching and have a great weekend!

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Xiaomi makes MIUI Go, Apple offended Russia and Samsung will recycle