Xiaomi Mi Band 6 or Huawei Band 6: which one to buy

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We compare Huawei Band 6 and Xiaomi Mi Band 6 to determine the strengths and weaknesses of both, and also determine which and who is more dominant

Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelets did not turn the world upside down, but set the standard for affordable and massive wearable gadgets. The company manages to constantly push the boundaries of what a user can get for a small amount of money. This year they showed Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and despite the absence of revolutionary transformations, it has practically no competitors. And here a serious rival unexpectedly loomed up and his name is Huawei Band 6. Which one is worth buying, and which one should be discounted?

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We started the comparison with the design and the strap. Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and Huawei Band 6 feel like any other fitness bracelet, i.e. they are practically weightless. In the first case, control is carried out using a touch button, and in the second, you also need to use a mechanical key to activate the screen and access the menu.

As with its predecessors, changing the strap on the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is quick and easy. Whereas with Huawei Band 6 you will have to tinker, but such a mount gives the impression of being more reliable and the gadget itself looks more solid. To charge both gadgets, magnetic charging is used and there are no special differences in its performance.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has an AMOLED color touch screen. It is clear and quite bright, but not to say that it is “clearly visible” in the sun. The Huawei Band 6 has a larger display, saturated colors, the image is not pixelated and the brightness is enough to read information comfortably in the sun. But the manufacturer could make the font size customizable to the tastes of users, because the specified size may not come to someone.

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Both gadgets can show the time and date, as well as send notifications, determine workouts, track sleep, read pulse readings, determine stress levels, there is also a heart rate sensor and a pulse oximeter. But Huawei Band 6 outperforms the competitor in the number of supported workouts - there are 96 of them against 30 for Xiaomi Mi Band 6. But the latter has an application that is more thoughtful, with a number of interesting solutions that allow you to more flexibly and comfortably customize the fitness bracelet for yourself.

The gadget from Xiaomi will work quietly for one week, while the device from Huawei will live up to 10 days. In general, both fitness bracelets are a good update to the line of bracelets with their quality improvements and decent functionality. Many of them are well done and comfortable. Xiaomi Mi Band 6 shows itself to be a good device with a familiar design, a bright display, a simple interface and a wide range of customization options.

On the side of Huawei Band 6 is a larger screen, a more premium design, and excellent features for keeping the user in good physical shape. The choice of the best is still more of a subjective decision with an eye to the price tag and the requirements for a fitness bracelet. But keep in mind that Xiaomi Mi Band 6 may appear in the same Russia with NFC support, and this is already a significant advantage that will be difficult to ignore.

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 09.05.2021


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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 or Huawei Band 6: which one to buy