Xiaomi Redmi 3: video review of the best budget employee of the beginning of 2016

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Xiaomi does not stop the pipeline for the production of smartphones for a minute: as soon as we tested Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, another new Xiaomi Redmi 3 has already arrived. It became possible not to look at pictures on the network, trying to understand what a smartphone really looks like, but to look at it, and we offer to do this with us in a short video review of unpacking the gadget.


What is Xiaomi Redmi 3? This is a small and compact, by today's standards, metal smartphone, in which they tried to embody the current characteristics, while maintaining a sane price tag. The body of the device is quite thin 8.5 mm, especially if we take into account the fact that a 4100 mAh battery fits inside. Fits well in the hand and is comfortable to use. The front panel is covered with protected glass, there is an oleophobic coating and the finger glides over the surface easily. Multi-touch is responsive and responsive to all touches. There are no questions about the assembly - the smartphone is monolithic and everything is done very carefully. Accurate and fast focusing left a pleasant impression, and the decision to use a quite decent 13 megapixel camera in a budget solution deserves praise. Other details on the video.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 21.01.2016


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ура! обзор! хотя бы распоковка, а то у меня уже ломка:D блин, хочу себе его!!! жду полный обзор, хочу узнать как в наушниках звук и полный функционал камеры узнать, вместе с примерами фото, а так смарт просто шикарен за такие деньги... при снэпе еще должна быть быстрая зарядка, так это просто супер по моему! ждем обзор, ANDRюха!
21.01.2016 11:31


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Xiaomi Redmi 3: video review of the best budget employee of the beginning of 2016