EcoFlow DELTA charging stations for all occasions

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Probably, everyone was faced with a situation when the electricity was turned off in the house at the most inopportune moment, or when in nature you desperately need to charge your gadgets, and there is not a single outlet nearby? If yes, then you should definitely pay attention to the DELTA series of portable charging stations from EcoFlow -




This is a series of high-capacity stations that allow not only to charge all your electronic devices, but also to power any household appliances, or even an entire apartment or a small country house! At the same time, EcoFlow DELTA stations are quite compact in size, which allows you to always take them with you on a trip.


EcoFlow devices have a number of advantages over competitors, achieved through a number of proprietary technologies, such as:

  • X-Stream fast charging technology that allows you to replenish the charge from 0 to 80 percent in just 1 hour
  • Ability to connect solar panels to create a completely independent power system
  • X-Boost technology, with the help of which a single station can simultaneously power energy-intensive devices and charge many of your gadgets
  • Modularity of the system, which allows you to connect additional batteries to the stations of the EcoFlow DELTA Max and DELTA Pro series.


The EcoFlow DELTA series offers a wide range of portable charging stations ranging from 882Wh to 25kWh and AC output from 1400W to 7200W.


But despite such high power, you can be completely calm about the security of the system. After all, each charging station has a safe and smart battery with a built-in intelligent battery management system (BMS), which regulates voltage and current and temperature in real time to make the entire system as safe as possible.




Naturally, you also get the ability to control any Delta series station from your phone, tablet or laptop. Just by downloading the branded EcoFlow app, you will be able to monitor the status of the charging station, control charging parameters and control X-Boost!

These batteries are perfect for those who love traveling, outdoor trips, especially if you have a lot of gadgets at your disposal. And the presence of a full-fledged outlet will give you the opportunity to use full-fledged power supplies. Those. if you wish, you can make an analog of an apartment in your tent))

In general, the thing is very useful. Once again, a link to the site where you can get acquainted with the products in more detail -

Author: Ирина Кошелева Publication date: 20.06.2022


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EcoFlow DELTA charging stations for all occasions