Zopo Flash S5.5: flagship prototype design video review

14.10.2015 1896 0

Somehow recently, ZOPO has lost its leadership in the Chinese market and it really needs a product that will bring it to the forefront of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. We do not often have the opportunity to get acquainted with the concepts of future devices. This time we were lucky to see the prototype Zopo Flash S5.5, which should be the dream of a techno-gourmet. We dedicate our short video review to the future flagship.


Visually, the smartphone makes a very pleasant impression and it feels like the “breed” that premium devices are so famous for. Thin, pleasant to the touch and not easily soiled back surface - everything here is implemented in terms of practical aesthetics. But ease of use and stylish design are not all that we want to get in a modern smartphone. At the moment, there is very little information about the technical nuances of Zopo Flash S5.5 and the model is only in the process of development, which means that various metamorphoses can occur with it before the release of the smartphone. It is assumed that the new product will receive a 2-LED flash, an 8-core processor and a 5.5-inch screen. If ZOPO manages to realize a versatile and functional smartphone, it could regain its market leadership position.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 14.10.2015


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Zopo Flash S5.5: flagship prototype design video review