ZTE Axon Elite: video review - why the device will not dominate

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With the ZTE Axon smartphone, there was a case when they wanted to release a flagship and discover new sales horizons, but even now there are serious doubts about the popularity of the model. To understand why everything went according to an unplanned scenario, we prepared a video review of the Elite version for you, where we shared our vision of such a development of events.


The main thing that immediately caused disappointment and disapproval is, of course, materials and design. It is difficult to understand exactly what contribution the designers of Boeing made to the creation of such a massive device, and how this had a positive effect on the ZTE Axon Elite. Having abstracted from the design and having used the smartphone for a while, you begin to evaluate its appearance not so critically, but the first impression remains forever.

Forgetting the design for a while, power and software features come to the fore. So, for example, I liked the sound of external speakers, a really high-quality 5.5-inch FullHD screen and a dual rear camera. We paid special attention to the retinal scanner and the photopotential of the device. The ZTE Axon Elite is packed with all sorts of software tricks that we'll have to figure out when we get to the full review of the smartphone. Details about everything - on the video.

Author: Андрей Ковтун Publication date: 11.10.2015


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ZTE Axon Elite: video review - why the device will not dominate