Advertising on the portal

Our portal there not so long ago, but if you pay attention to the rapid growth of traffic on the website and are interested in people-themed Chinese electronics, can be considered a thematic advertising on the site - effective.

Our editorial staff tries to develop the resource, so we try to fill the site regularly, all sorts of reviews and news, which are devoted exclusively progressively growing category of Chinese art.

Our target audience, live people who are potentially interested in the product name, brand of Chinese manufacturers, as well as those who are simply interested in electronics and wants to be a trend.

We offer the following types of advertising:

1) Banner

This type of advertising is best known for advertisers and the most convenient.
Advertiser chooses the time and place of the banner. In this case, you need to provide banner design that will fit the following dimensions:


Home page:

Banner in news:

Banner in review:

All page:











The price is for 7 days accommodation.
Minimum stay - 7 days.
There is an opportunity to discuss your option.

2) Perpetual banner in the news

This option will be of interest to various online resources that are engaged in trade, as a target news you can place your advertisement in order to attract potential buyers who are interested in exactly this product.
The cost of such accommodation - $ 25.
In this case, you get eternal thematic link to your site + traffic + prospective buyer. And the banner is placed across the spectrum of news related to this product. Dates are not limited.

Please note that we are very engaged in promotion of our project and our news, almost always in the tops of search engines.
There's also a variation of the banner text review, you are interested in the model.

The situation is the same as with the placement in the news.
The cost of such accommodation -25 $. The advantage is more targeted audience.

Acceptable formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, swf
Banner size: not more than 75 KB
Flash-banner should have a click handler: on (release) {getURL (_root.clickTAG, "_blank"); }

3) Branding

This type of advertising will be interesting to those who need a powerful advertising and attract traffic to your resource. This method is the most effective, but costly, since the design of our portal in this case will depend on the design of your banner. In this case, you need approval from the administration.
The cost of such services - $ 25 per week.

4) Word reviews and video reviews

Our portal provides a service to write custom text reviews to your preferred device as the placement on our website (in this case it should be a tablet or smartphone, or something related to the subject of our site), and just giving you ready text review.
In this case, the cost depends on the required number of written characters, and your wishes. As a rule, the price is $ 35-50.
As well we have our own studio, where we can record a video review for the product you need.
This method is more time consuming and may require 1-3 days.
The cost depends on the desires of the customer.
The average price - $ 30.

Pay attention to the fact that all employees are given to the project by 100% and try to get the job done in a set time frame and at the highest level.

Contact Information:

Andrey Koftun
Skype: ptichman2013